Serena van der Woodsen
Serena van der Woodsen Promo Image
Serena Celia van der Woodsen
Portrayed By
Blake Lively
Cecily von Ziegesar
TV Series
Josh Schwartz
Stephanie Savage
High School Graduate
Former Teen Model
Former Publicist
College Student
William van der Woodsen (father)
Lily van der Woodsen (mother)
Bart Bass (step-father, deceased)
Rufus Humphrey (step-father)
Eric van der Woodsen (brother)
Scott Rosson (half-brother)
Dan Humphrey (step-brother)
Jenny Humphrey (stepsister)
Nate Archibald (one-night stand, ex-boyfriend)
Dan Humphrey (ex-boyfriend)
Pete Fairman (fling)
Aaron Rose (ex-boyfriend)
Gabriel Edwards (ex-boyfriend)
Carter Baizen (ex-boyfriend)
Colin Forrester (current boyfriend)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Serena van der Woodsen is the supporting character of the Gossip Girl book series who also appears as a main character in the television adaptation of the same name. Serena van der Woodsen is introduced as the former it-girl who returns from her long self-imposed exile to Manhattan. Serena is best friend's with another main character, Blair Waldorf. Blake Lively portrays Serena van der Woodsen.

Creation and Casting

Novel Series

Television Adaptation

Season 1

Serena is introduced as the former "it-girl" who mysteriously ran away

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The fourth season has Serena face up to new challenges on love as she continues to remain undecided on Dan and Nate even after her Parisian summer with Blair. She enrolls in Columbia University, hoping that her prolonged stay in New York will bring her and Blair closer, and that she is still undecided on Dan and Nate. On her return to New York, she discovers that Dan is a new father and Nate is still getting over her since their break-up. Dan and Nate instead choose other women in their lives, Vanessa Abrams and Juliet Sharp, respectively. Serena then decides not to choose either of them having realized that lingering feelings will still continue if she chooses either of them and decides to look for a man with both the qualities of Nate and Dan.

Her stay in Columbia becomes difficult when she finds an enemy in Juliet, who doesn't take too kindly to Serena's presence and makes life difficult for her in Columbia through failed attempts at ruining her reputation. Juliet and her brother have secrets concerning Serena and do as much as possible to ruin her reputation. Her enrollment to Columbia University has her face up to another forbidden relationship in the form of Colin Forrester, her professor in Business Psychology, having already been accused of soliciting sex for grades during one of Juliet's schemes.