Rick Rhodes
Rick Rhodes
Richard "Rick" Rhodes
Portrayed By
Andrew McCarthy
TV Series
Stephanie Savage
Owner of Rhodes Records
Carol Rhodes (daughter)
Lily van der Woodsen (daughter)
Extended Family
William van der Woodsen (former son-in-law)
Bart Bass (son in law, deceased)
Rufus Humphrey (son-in-law)
Serena van der Woodsen (grandaughter)
Eric van der Woodsen (grandson)
Scott Rosson (grandson)
Celia Rhodes (divorced)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Rick Rhodes is a minor character in the Gossip Girl TV series, the distant yet caring father of Lily van der Woodsen and Carol Rhodes, ex-husband to CeCe Rhodes, and grandfather to Serena and Eric van der Woodsen. Rick is portrayed by Andrew McCarthy.


Despite being a caring father, Rick often left most of the parenting to CeCe, who didn't take to kindly to the fact that she was making most of the effort in raising their children. His caring side is more visible as he immediately listened to most of Lily's problems and is aware that she wants to join him live his life in L.A.. Lily's interest in music most likely stems from the fact that her father owned his own record company.

Television AdaptationEdit

Season 1Edit

Rick is mentioned in the Pilot episode when Serena speculates that one of the lies that Lily could be using to cover up Eric's stay in rehab is that Eric is visiting him in Rhode Island.

Season 2Edit

During Serena's arrest and her prom, Lily flashbacks to a time when she was a teenager, revealing that she left her boarding school to join her father in L.A. and that she still hasn't adjusted to the news that her parents had divorced. Despite her attempts at convincing her father to let her join him, he refuses, sending her into a different direction when she joins her sister Carol.