Penelope Shafai
Penelope Shafai
Penelope Shafai
Portrayed By
Amanda Setton
TV Series
Josh Schwartz
Stephanie Savage
High School Graduate
College Student
Unnamed father
Nate Archibald (crush)
Her father's junior executive (sexual relationship)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Penelope Shafai is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl TV series. She is a wealthy Constance student and a member of Blair's clique. Penelope returns to the series when Blair decides to transfer to Columbia University during the show's fourth season. Amanda Setton portrays Penelope Shafai.


Like all members of Blair's clique, Penelope displays a snobbish attitude for people that she considers beneath her, her loyalties are based on who is considered by the majority as Queen of Constance Billard (at one point shifting her loyalty from a deposed Blair to a newly crowned Jenny Humphrey), and openly despises Blair but fears and respects her all the same. In an episode that introduces Nelly Yuki, Blair reveals that Penelope is a National Merit scholar and therefore academically proficient. She and Hazel Williams both have keen interest in boys but has a specific crush on Nate Archibald. As the series progressed, she has grown to hate Jenny and consistently respect Blair, even returning to her old status as one of Blair's minions when Blair enrolls in Columbia University.

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Penelope returns to the show when Serena and Blair arrive at Columbia University to get their keys that would grant them membership to Hamilton House, an elite sorority. She is visibly irritated when she discovers Blair and Serena have entered Columbia and reveals that her grandmother was a founding member of Hamilton House, thereby explaining her presence in Columbia and the Hamilton House mansion.

When Jenny unexpectedly returns to the Upper East side, Blair orders her, Zoe, and Jessica to secretly monitor Jenny's movements in Manhattan. She immediately alerts that Jenny is visiting Chuck at the Empire Hotel, prompting Blair to ruin Jenny's interview with Tim Gunn. Penelope, Zoe and Jessica were all curious as to why Blair banished Jenny until Jenny reveals that she slept with Chuck.