Patrick Roberts
Patrick Roberts
Patrick Roberts
Portrayed By
Simon Miller
TV Series
Stephanie Savage
K.C. Cunningham (Publicist)
Olivia Burke (ex-girlfriend)
Serena van der Woodsen (faux ex-girlfriend)
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Patrick Roberts is a guest character introduced in the third season of the Gossip Girl TV series. Patrick worked with Olivia Burke in a vampire movie trilogy and goes to New York to maintain his public image of still being in a relationship with her. Serena van der Woodsen changes his image by revealing Olivia's relationship with Dan Humphrey and proceeds with a lie stating that she is dating him to save her publicity job. His drunken antics eventually make things difficult for Serena. Simon Miller portrays Patrick Roberts.

Simon MillerEdit


Patrick once had a relationship with Olivia, their relationship was merely for image and both he and Olivia did have feelings for each other. He is instantly thrilled when Serena decides to date him to save her job but his future antics and trouble making nature makes life difficult for her.
Patrick Serena Kiss

Patrick kisses Serena at Chuck's club opening

Patrick is prone to regularly drinking alcohol. His addiction lead him to urinate on a potted plant and walk around half-naked during the Vanderbilt Election Party, showing his lack of self-control and his clear enjoyment of the perks of being a celebrity. His alcoholic nature soon drives Serena to quit her job when he rudely implies to Serena that her job of dating him is similar to a prostitute's.

Television AdaptationEdit

Season 3Edit

Patrick Drunk Serena

Serena wakes Patrick

Patrick arrives in Manhattan, when K.C. Cunningham informs Serena that he is arriving to the Chuck Bass' club opening. Olivia states that she was in a relationship with him but even if it was for public image, she had feeling for him. Not wanting to hurt her or Dan, Serena makes Olivia's relationship with Dan public and convinces Patrick to date her instead to save her job and keep Patrick from getting humiliated. Serena soon finds it hard to date Patrick when she finds him drunk and tries to convince him to pursue a Michael Mann political thriller instead of a remake of Livin' Las Vegas. She hopes to use the Vanderbilt Election party as good research for Patrick to get the lead for the political thriller. Things get harder for Serena when Patrick arrives drunk and Blair spots him urinating on a potted plant.
Patrick Drunk Election Party

A drunk Patrick

To make sure that he doesn't humiliate Chuck, Blair hides him in a hotel room where he falls asleep.
Patrick Send off

Serena sends Patrick back to K.C.

Serena makes the unfortunate mistake of waking him and she finds out that Brandeis, Blair's new friend from NYU, is a call girl. Patrick soon starts more antics that involve him flirting with various women while half-naked and drunk. Chuck barely manages to distract a journalist from seeing a drunk Patrick. As Serena escorts Patrick to a limousine, Patrick continues to grope and touch her rudely implies that she is a prostitute. She decides to quit and writes on Patrick's suit to send a message to K.C. that she no longer works for her.