Julian Rawlins
Julian Rawlins
Portrayed By
Harmon Walsh
TV Series
Stephanie Savage
College Student
Theater Director
Serena van der Woodsen (has a crush on him until he reveals that he is homosexual)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Julian Rawlins is a minor character in the Gossip Girl TV series. Julian is introduced as a conceited and well-known director for the senior class play of Constance Billard-St. Jude's who graduated from Juilliard School. Harmon Walsh portrays Julian Rawlins.


Julian is the arrogant director of the school play with a deep interest in classic films. Serena van der Woodsen develops a crush on him until he displays his self-absorbed, pompous, and boastful attitude, characteristics that Vanessa Abrams immediately spots while helping Serena charm him. Despite Serena's attempts to charm him, he flatly rejects her when he reveals that he is gay.

Television AdaptationEdit

Season 2Edit

Julian is hired to direct a school play of The Age of Innocence. Serena develops a crush on him and pursues him and with Vanessa's help takes them out for lunch. Serena is immediately overwhelmed by Julian's passion for classic film, something that she lacks. Serena asks for coaching in acting with Julian, still in pursuit of him. Julian and Vanessa however, instantly connect as they both share the same interest in classic film but Vanessa finds him pompous and self-absorbed. Serena decides to make use of Vanessa's classic film expertise by staging a Cyrano de Bergeracesque set-up on her next date with Julian.

Serena has Vanessa inform her about every classic film that Julian mentions through a cellphone while Serena listens through an earphone. Serena is overwhelmed by the information until Vanessa advises her that she recite anything that Vanessa says. Nate unfortunately arrives and assumes Vanessa was speaking flirtatiously with Julian through her phone when he overhears her and leaves.

Backstage, Julian informs everyone of the arrival of Charles Isherwood, a well-known critic for the The New York Times and demands a decent performance. He also cruelly criticizes Nate for not capturing his character's persona of suffering from bankruptcy and public humiliation, unaware that Nate had recently experiences both things happening to him. Vanessa scolds him for his harsh methods and he justifies it by saying that directors do that so that actors can give out a good performance. He invites Vanessa to sit with him while they watch the play. Nate forgets his lines during the play out of frustration and lashes out at Julian, calling him a lame dilettante director and prompting production to close the curtain on the play. Julian is angry at the actors for professionally humiliating him until Charles Isherwood approaches him, praising his director. Julian is shocked and takes credit for the impromptu acting in front of everyone and Charles Isherwood leaves. Vanessa snubs and calls him a fake and Serena openly tells him that she wonders why she ever had a crush on him. Julian replies to Serena that he is gay and scoffs at her.