Hazel Williams
Hazel Williams
Hazel Williams
Portrayed By
Dreama Walker
TV Series
Stephanie Savage
High School Graduate
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed cousin (accidental hook-up)
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Hazel Williams is a recurring character of the Gossip Girl TV series who attended Constance Billard School For Girls and a member of Blair's social clique. Dreama Walker portrays Hazel Williams.


Desperate for boys and wanting to have a boyfriend herself, Hazel is unlucky in love as she accidentally made out with her cousin and constantly has to face up to the fact that her own friends have boyfriends. Although she shares the same interest in boys as her close friend Penelope, Hazel has less chances than most. Hazel was the lowest member of their social group before Jenny Humphrey arrived. When Nelly Yuki rebels, Penelope abuses her position of seniority and demands that Hazel clean her shoe. Like all of Blair's minions, she is snobby, has excellent rhetoric, and often aids Blair in scheming against various people, particularly Jenny. Blair finds nothing special in Hazel except that she is desperate for boys and that she is wealthy.

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