Gabriel Edwards
Gabriel Edwards
Gabriel Edwards
Portrayed By
Armie Hammer
TV Series
Stephanie Savage
Con artist
Poppy Lifton (ex-girlfriend)
Serena van der Woodsen (ex-girlfriend)
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Last Appearance

Gabriel Edwards is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl TV series during the show's second season and one of the many love interests of Serena van der Woodsen. Gabriel Edwards is portrayed by Armie Hammer.


A natural charmer and obviously a romantic, Gabriel immediately falls for Serena when he first meets her. Gabriel and Serena's drunken "marriage" in Spain indicates that he is a romantic, to the point where he even followed her back to New York to see if he still had a chance with her when he and Poppy had a fight that led to their break up. Serena first sees him as a genuine man especially when he chooses her instead of Poppy when Poppy arrived at Serena's apartment to threaten him with losing his investors if he didn't leave with her. Gabriel also has a caring side when Serena sees him handle business to create a program that would give WiFi to children in Africa.. Unfortunately, Serena sees through his lies when she discovers the Ponzi scheme they set up and sets out to get back the money Poppy stole. When she lies to him about being pregnant, Gabriel is immediately concerned for her showing that he does genuinely love her but Serena finds the lack of trust too unsettling and ends the relationship.

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