Bree Buckley
Bree Buckley
Bree Buckley
Portrayed By
Joanna Garcia
TV Series
Stephanie Savage
Beth Buckley (cousin)
PJ Buckley (cousin)
Jeff Buckley (related, unknown affiliation)
Nate Archibald (ex-boyfriend)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Bree Buckley is a guest character of the Gossip Girl television adaptation and the love interest of Nate Archibald. Joanna Garcia portrays Bree Buckley. Breee


Hailing from a Southern family from Texas, Bree once rebelled like Nate against her family until her cousin Beth (whom she treats like a sister) was left at the altar by Carter Baizen. The incident made her value family again but is torn between her relationship with Nate and her desire to hunt down Carter to earn her way back into her family. Despite her conflicted situation, Bree is headstrong when she deals with family problems, at one point accepting Chuck Bass' help in hunting down Carter. Though externally she can be viewed as thoughtful and possessing a kind demeanor, Blair immediately dislikes her, unconvinced that a woman of Bree's character could be that nice. Bree eventually uses Nate to track down Carter and succeeds in her endeavor, but loses him in the process, something that she visibly regrets.

Television AdaptationEdit

Season 3Edit

Introduced in the premiere of Gossip Girl's third season, Bree is first seen kissing Nate in a helicopter from Europe and landing on Manhattan. The two have instant chemistry until Nate disgustedly reacts to a newspaper containing Jeff Buckley and is more surprised at Bree when he finds out her name . The Archibalds and Buckleys have been in a political rivalry in a North versus South setting. In their younger years, Nate pulled Bree's hair during Clinton's inaugural ball and that Bree's cousins tried to waterboard during the Whitehouse Easter Egg Hunt. The two proceed with their respective transports but continue to rendezvous in a hotel. Nate intends to use Bree to irritate his grandfather during a polo match and effectively sever himself from his family.